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Akhnoor Fort Jammu View from Jio Pota Ghat
Akhnoor Fort

The Akhnoor fort which lies towards east of the town, on the bank of the Chenab river holds great significance…

Raghunath Temple
Raghunath Temple Jammu

Raghunath Temple, with seven shrines each with its own `Shikhara`, (shikhara, a Sanskrit word translating literally to `mountain peak`, refers…

Mubarak Mandi Palace
Mubarak Mandi Palace

Mubarak Mandi is a Palace in Jammu, India. The palace was the royal residence of the Maharaja of Jammu and…

[Amar Mahal Jammu]
Amar Mahal Jammu

This museum is housed in the Amar Mahal Palace, built in 1862 in a unique, French-chateau style of architecture. Located…

Bahu Fort Jammu
Bahu Fort Jammu

Situated 5 kms away from the city centre, Bahu Fort stands on a rock face on the left bank of…